What fascinates us most about a face? For us it’s the eyes.In conjunction with eyebrows and eyelashes, they give a face its expressive power. The smallest details show the greatest effect here. With our eyebrow and eyelash colors as well as our innovative Lash Lifting products, we want to give your face a frame – we want to create long, silky eyelashes and discreetly contoured eyebrows.

We love beauty.

And … the days when men made a big turn around cosmetics are long gone. With eyebrow and eyelash colors from Biosmetics, stunning effects can be achieved, whether as beard color or for the (discrete) accentuation of the eyes. Graying eyebrows are easily covered and bright, tired eyelashes are getting young again!


The classic and timeless product line from Biosmetics: stylish, noble and captivating. For 25 years now, nine nuances have convinced women and men around the world.

We love beauty

Enduring beauty with Intensive Eyepearl® Eyelash and Eyebrow tint. Eyelashes and eyebrows with Intensive from Biosmetics look simply fantastic! The colour extends the full length of eyelashes which may have been faded by the sun and water. The eyelashes seem clearly longer and more voluminous.