Creme hair dye

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Hairpearl® Intensive creme hair dye


different nuances:

SKU Color
NAWB0001 Blue Black
NAWB0002 Brown
NAWG0001 Graphite
NAWM0001 Middle Brown
NAWT0001 Deep Black

Content: 80ml

Enduring beauty with Hairpearl® Intensive Cream Hair Dye – a special preparation for the professional use.

Since more than 20 Years the best professionals all over the world love the unique formula of our creamy Hair Dye. The chosen ingredients like Lanolin and Sunflower Oil build an optimal combination of smooth and skin friendly substances and provide a remarkable quality with an brilliant and long-lasting color result. 5 different shades are offering the perfect choice to achieve the tinting result just as desired by your customer.

Only original in the honey-yellow tube!

Please read the instructions before use!