Eyelash and brow tint

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INTENSIVE Eyepearl® Eyelash and brow tint

Intensive tube-und-verpackung-braun

9 different nuances:

SKU Color
AWB0002 brown
AWB0001 blue black
AWT0001 deep black
AWS0001 black
AWG0001 graphite
AWN0001 natural
AWM0001 middle brown
AWM0002 middle blond
AWAG001 ash grey

Contents: 20 ml for approx. 30 treatments



Enduring beauty with Intensive Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint. Eyelashes and eyebrows with Intensive from Biosmetics look simply fantastic! The colour extends the full length of eyelashes which may have been faded by the sun and water. The eyelashes seem clearly longer and more voluminous.

The classical colouring for every source colour highlights the expression of your eyes.


No more clumpy mascara, so wake up happy in the morning with sparkling eyes – without make-up remains. Experience vacation without problems when bathing and sunbathing!