What are the advantages of the eyelash tint?

What are the advantages of the eyelash tint?

The dream come true full, dark eyelashes, which give the eyes a breathtaking appearance, are reserved for only a few people. To achieve this wish, many resort to eyelash tint. With this eyelash tint, the very light eyelashes are darkened. Especially people with very fair eyelashes profit from this effect.

Darker eyelashes not only give the eyes more expression, they also visually enlarge the eye. In addition, dark lashes give more contrast, and this also increases the appeal of the eyes.

But not only for aesthetic reasons, is dyeing the eyelashes a very good alternative to mascara, it also has practical benefits. Especially in the warm summer months, the wearing of mascara is not always optimal, because of sweat or water, the durability of mascara is not always given. Even when these are waterproof, blurs of eye make-up often occur in warm weather. In addition, it is annoying to have to apply mascara several times a day so that the desired effect is present throughout the day.

But not only the warm season presents a tough challenge for mascara, even the cold winter time promises its dangers for the mascara. Thus, snow, wind and rain are a problem for durability, because it often causes the eyes to tear up. Then, of course, there will also be blurring of the eye make-up and therefore the mascara always needs to be renewed and the entire eye make-up protected.

Of course, this always costs time. An eyelash tinting gives a time saving solution. Especially in the mornings. In addition, it does not cause clumping of the mascara or unappealing mascara particles that accumulate under the eye. Also, the eyelashes can be damaged by the constant application of mascara. The eyelashes may fail, or particles of the mascara get in the eye. Such particles can cause itching and redness in the eye, which of course is not only a very uncomfortable feeling, it also looks painful.

Finding the right mascara is also often a long and not inexpensive process, as many different products need to be tested. It can take quite some time until the individual requirements for a mascara have been met. The solution to these problems is the dyeing of the eyelashes. One option is to have the eyelashes dyed by a beautician or a hairdresser, but in most cases, this is more expensive and takes a while.

Here, home-based dyeing offers a cost-effective alternative to professional dyeing. Even if there is no experience whatsoever with dyeing the eyelashes, there is no reason to be put off. With a little practice and delicacy, everyone will soon be able to successfully dye their eyelashes themselves and make the difference between a barber or beautician’s colouring and invisibility to themselves.

What must be considered in general with the eyelash tint?

If the eyelashes are professionally dyed or have them professionally dyed by a barber or beautician, then eyelash dyeing is generally not harmful.

First of all, the top priority is the colour itself, is it dermatologically tested? Is the eyelash tint also suitable for contact lens wearers and is it harmless if something of it accidentally gets in the eye? These questions must be clarified before the purchase in any case.

For the right choice of colour, especially as a layperson and beginner, it is advisable to orientate yourself to the natural colour of the eyebrows and the eyelashes, so that a too strong contrast can be prevented. The possibility of re-colouring always exists, so, first of all, you should approach the matter carefully. Generally, it is said that light types should rather put on the brown colour and darker types rather on the black eyelash tint, but that is, of course, the own taste.

On average, the durability of the eyelash tint is up to six weeks in the eyelashes. But this durability always gives way. The reason is not only the respective products themselves but also the use of different cleaning cloths, make-up removal or facial cleansing waters. Thus, the eyelash tint fades much faster, especially in oil-containing products.

Incidentally, permanent eyelash paints are not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because they often cause problems with inflamed tissue and skin rashes. In addition, the enclosed product information and ingredients should always be checked.

What effect is to be expected from eyelash tinting?

Basically, it is always important to note that although the eyelashes get the desired hue in the entire length by dyeing, they receive neither more volume nor a perfect eyelash momentum. The showering of the eyelashes is thereby not completely replaced. The eyelashes look fuller and longer after dyeing as they are now uniform in colour to the tips. The result of the dyeing is therefore certainly good for everyone. To get the perfect lashes, it makes sense to use an eyelash curler. The volume is a little mascara. This combination achieves a stunning look.

The colouring of the eyelashes has a different effect than the showering of the eyelashes, which must be clearly stated from the outset. Dyeing the eyelashes results in a very natural result that, unlike mascara, will withstand all weather conditions and naturally enhance the eye area naturally. It, therefore, emphasizes the natural beauty.

Where can I buy the eyelash tint?

Many specialist shops, as well as drugstores, offer eyelash dye sets for self-colouring at home. But many online shops also offer a large variety of such products. Here it is very important to use only professional products, which are also marked as such. When buying an eyelash tint, it is also advisable to pay attention to the customer reviews, because through these, the product can usually be judged best and most impartial. The choice of eyelash tint is great and the decision must be made deliberately, especially online retailers offer a good opportunity due to the just mentioned product reviews by real users.

If an allergy to certain substances is known, there is also a solution for this: There are companies that make eyelash tint from all-natural ingredients, these products are based on indigo or henna powder and are therefore free of allergenic substances. There is a wide range of possible colours, from black to brown, blue, grey to ash grey. Thanks to this large colour palette, it is possible to make a very individual selection. Using a hair dye to colour eyelashes should not be considered, as it is not intended for the sensitive skin of the eye area. It can cause severe irritation or cauterization of the eye area. Of course, it makes sense to do an allergy test before dyeing. Such an allergy test should be carried out not only on the colouring of the eyelashes but on any colouring, ie hair, eyebrows, etc. For this allergy test, a little of the paint is applied to the inside of the arm at the elbow and left there for about 30 minutes.

If, after washing the colour, no redness or irritation has occurred, it is safe to approach the dyeing of the eyelashes. If, however, a burning sensation is felt in the eye area during dyeing, the colour should be washed off immediately with clear water.

Dyeing – How exactly does it work and what is needed for it?

As already mentioned, there are two possible variants: on the one hand the dyeing at the beautician or the hairdresser, on the other hand, the independent dyeing from home. In both variants, however, in principle: It should be followed exactly what is written in the instructions or what the barber or beautician says. If something of the colour accidentally gets in the eye, it must be rinsed out immediately with clear water, as well as on contact with the inside of the eyelid, otherwise, it burns. In addition, the success of a colouring of the eyelashes always depends on the product. However, the difference of such a colouration is clearly visible, especially with very light eyelashes. For contact lens wearers it is advisable to remove the lenses before eyelash dyeing.

  1. Have the eyelashes dyed by a barber or beautician

The cost of dyeing the eyelashes at a beautician or at the hairdresser is between 10 and 15 euros per application and the duration of such application is about 30 to 45 minutes. In general, the application must be repeated every four to five weeks. Since many do not quite know how to tackle the first colouring of eyelashes, a visit to the barber or beautician of trust is a good alternative. There you can get some advice on the process, which can be helpful in self-colouring.

In addition, the hairdresser or beautician advises one exactly before. What is possible? Which colours are there anyway? Which colour suits my type best? Are there any risks or is the colouring of the eyelashes harmful? All these questions can be answered by the hairdresser or beautician. First, the eye area is thoroughly cleansed with a make-up remover, as the colourant can only unfold its full effect on unvarnished, fat-free eyelashes.

Since the entire skin of the eye area is very sensitive, it is protected by cotton pads and a good layer of cream. The cut cotton pads are placed immediately under the eye, the edge is close to the lower lash line. In addition, the skin is creamed under the eye with a cream, so the cotton pads can cling better to the skin and the cream protects the skin from the colouring, after all, only the eyelashes should be coloured and not the cheeks, eyelids or forehead. Now it’s time to close your eyes because the eyelash tint, in the form of cream, is now given on the cleaned eyelashes and it should be avoided that something of the eyelash tint comes into the eye. With the help of a brush or a cotton swab, the colour is applied to the eyelash hairs in different directions. By applying the colour in all possible directions as many eyelashes as possible are covered with the eyelash tint from the approach to the tips.

The entire colour application takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Thereafter, the cotton pads are removed, which have protected the sensitive skin. By removing the cotton pads is then already a large part of the excess paint removed. The remaining colour is then removed with clear water and a cotton pad or cotton swab. Again, the eyes should be closed until the barber or beautician gives the okay for opening his eyes.

  1. Color eyelashes yourself

To dye eyelashes themselves, some utensils are needed. These are often in eyelash dye sets, so such eyelash dye sets are especially recommended for getting started.

It’s also easier the first time you ask a friend or friend for help. In addition, should not be experimented with the first self-experiments, rather first a little less and keep a distance from a too strong contrast. Although as a layman you cannot properly estimate the result on the first try, a careful result can be expected by a careful approach.

To get an overview of the necessary utensils, here is a small overview:

  • eyelash tint (should not be too different from natural eyebrow colour/eyelash colour at the beginning)
  • Cotton swabs (to remove the paint)
  • Cotton pads (to remove the paint)
  • Developer
  • Eyelid protection (usually already cut, crescent-shaped cotton pads)
  • A small brush (an old mascara brush or a brush for interdental spaces is also possible, for applying the colour to the eyelash hairs)
  • wooden sticks (to mix the colour and the developer)
  • small bowl (mixing vessel for mixing the paint and the developer)

The self-colouring of eyelashes is much cheaper because such a set lasts up to a year. Even when self-colouring must first be thoroughly cleaned the eye area. For this, a make-up remover without oil should be used. The eyelash hair, as well as the eyelids, must be completely fat-free. So that the colour only reaches the eyelashes, it is advisable to cream the upper and lower eyelids well. This not only adds extra moisture to the sensitive skin but also protects it from possible discolouration due to accidental splashes of paint and splashes of paint. In addition, the cotton pads for eyelid protection also better keep the skin thanks to the cream. The two eyelid pads are now placed just under the eye and the edge is pushed as close as possible to the lower eyelash edge.

Next, the components colour and developer are mixed together in a mixing vessel according to the enclosed instructions, using the wooden stick. It is essential to pay attention to the quantities and ratios specified by the manufacturer. It is best to stand in front of a mirror while applying the paint, so you can see exactly where the paint is already. When the paint is ready mixed, the small brush is used. This brush is now colour absorbed and applied first only on the upper eyelashes and then on the lower eyelashes of an eye. The colour should come as close as possible to the eyelash extension.

In addition, little wink is announced, so smeared the colour and make sure that no colour comes into the eye. Here quiet work and enough time is an important aspect. In addition, it is helpful to support his arm somewhere, so possible trembling of the hands is avoided. If some of the colour on the cheeks or eyelids accidentally came, these spots and splashes of paint can be eliminated with a cotton pad. If the accidental blotches and stains with pure water can no longer be removed, especially moist wipes or baby wipes with oil helps to remove sensitive skin.

The colour must act for about ten minutes, while the exposure time, of course, depends on the desired colour result. But as already mentioned, the colour should stay in doubt rather not too long on the eyelashes, because re-dyeing you can still later. However, lightening the eyelashes is quite difficult and should therefore only be done by a hairdresser or beautician, as bleach is very aggressive and is very risky on the delicate skin of the eye area. Thus, a result that does not like can only be remedied with the help of a beautician or a hairdresser.

When the exposure time has passed, the paint is carefully removed with a cotton swab or cotton pad. It is important to be very careful, as no colour should come into the eye. After the paint is dabbed, rinsed again with clear water, so the remaining colour stocks are wiped off. If, after washing, a burning sensation is still noticeable in the eye, the process should be repeated until it stops burning. This process is now performed on the second eye. And already the eyelashes are finished.

A little tip on the edge: To keep the eyelash tint longer, it is advisable to forego the use of oil-based cleaners or other. Such products can make the eyelash tint fade faster and the effect of the coloured eyelashes will disappear faster. To give the skin a little bit of relaxation after eyelash dyeing, it is advisable to apply an eye mask afterwards. But even a good layer of cream gives the skin a little rest.

Eyelash tint: conclusion

The colouring of the eyelashes achieves a very natural and beautiful result. Of course, it is unlikely that coloured eyelashes completely replace the effect of mascara. In order to get a wonderful look, the use of mascara is of course indispensable, this gives the eyelashes the necessary volume. In addition, the use of eyelash curler is needed to get the desired eyelash momentum. Nevertheless, coloured eyelashes emphasize the natural beauty optimally, they give more contrast and look more attractive. Unless one is aware that the colouring of the eyelashes in principle achieves a different result than the showering of the eyelashes, you will not be disappointed.

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