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1 Please remove contactlenses. Clean eyes-area, lashes und eyelashes complete with our eye make-up remover foam and the lid with the  saline solution. To separate the lashes brush them before you start the treatment.


2 You can get the self-adhesive rolls in every size, even if the lashes are short or long.

You can choose between 3 sizes.
S = small
      for small lashes
M = middle for medium lashes
L = large       for long lashes

3 If you bend the rolls several times, they will get in the right shape like the eyelid. Please touch only the end of the rolls, so they will still sticks.

4 Apply the rolls on the edge of the lid and fix the lashes on it.

5 Now you can fix the lashes on the roll. Therefore we recommend you the rose wooden stick of Intensive. Start at the inner edge of the lid and bend the eyelashes with a rotating movement upward on the roll. Make sure that the lashes lie straight and evenly.

If the lashes do not lie evenly, then you need to carefully re-solve with the rose wooden stick. If some eyelashes not adhere, then you can fix the lashes with the Intensive eyelash glue on the roll again. If all eyelashes lie evenly and adhere, please ask your client to open the eyes, so  you can solve the lower eyelashes from the roll where necessary.

Wimpernkleber Holzstaebchen_2

6 Now enter the permanent wave solution 1. Exposure time takes about 20 minutes. Then dab the permanent wave solution 1 with a lint-free, dry tissue or a cotton swab and enter fixative wave solution 2. Exposure time takes about 10 minutes and your client closes the eyes constantly while whole treatment.

WWCreme1 WWCreme2

7 After the residence time take a cotton pad and rub gently several times over the lashes to dissolve the glue.

8 Stretch the lid to remove the roll from the lashes and move the roll carefully with a roatating movement upward. Then just dab with a dry soft paper.


For professional use only. This product can cause allergic reactions. In case of any cutaneous reactions; like redness, itching, rash, rinse the affected area immediately with clear water and do not continue procedure. Get medical consultations before starting the  treatment. Rinse eyes thoroughly, if the product is exposed to the eye. Wear protective gloves.




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