Eyebrow and eyelash tinting

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1 Please remove contactlenses. Clean eyes-area, lashes und eyelashes complete with our eye make-up remover foam.


2 Now take two Intensive unwaxed or waxed protecting pads and cream the structured side with Intensive Relaxing Eye Cream.

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3Then place the protecting pads with the creamed side downwards underneath the eyelashes to prevent the tint from staining the skin. Pay attention not putting any cream on the eyelashes.

4Directly before use of tint color, stir tint with 2 cm color and 6 drops of Intensive Cream Developer or Liquid Developer until the consistency is a creamy paste.

Mixture:  3/4 inch of Color Cream with 6 drops of the Developer solution
Important Note: For Eyelash Tinting use only 2% Cream Developer. Do not use any developer with higher volume.

Anruehrglas farbe_mit_verpackung_deepblack Creme_Entwickler-3-50ml Creme_Entickler-6-80ml Fluessig_Entwickler-6-50ml

5Apply the paste immediately after preparation on the lashes and brows. Make sure that all parts of lashes and brows are colored and there is no contact with the skin or the lid and your client closes the eyes constantly.

6Then mix the same or a brighter color for the eyebrows with the same procedure and then apply to the eyebrows in direction of hair growth. Remove the needless color with a cotton swab from the eyebrows to stain exactly the desired shape.

7The tint for the eyelashes developes after 2-10 minutes depending on the desired intensity of the color. The tint for the eyebrows developes after 5-10 minutes depending on the desired intensity of the color. The longer, the more intense the color will be. Please start with cleaning the eyebrows. After residence time remove the color with water and a cotton swab from lashes and brows.


  8After residence time for the eyelashes, carefully remove the protecting papers and remove the excess color with a dry cotton ball. Remove the remaining paint residue gently with damp cotton wool. Rub away from the eyes. If necessary use the Eyepearl Remover.



For professional use only. This product can cause allergic reactions. In case of any cutaneous reactions; like redness, itching, rash, rinse the affected area immediately with clear water and do not continue procedure. Get medical consultations before starting procedures . Rinse eyes thoroughly, if the product is exposed to the eye. Wear protective gloves.




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