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Since more than 20 years Biosmetics is a specialist in producing Eye Cosmetics. Especially the Intensive Eyepearl Products which include the Lash and Brow Tint and the Eyelash Perm build the perfect range of products for the professional user. While producing the Intensive Eyepearl Products we set great value upon using natural Ingredients. Because of this Biosmetics Eyecare offers a wide range of gentle products for enduring sparkling eyes.

Biological ocular cosmetics

Ecological tests evaluated biocosmetics almost exclusively at a grade of good to very good, while conventional products scored much lower.


The guildelines for organic cosmetics were set in 2009 by the Council of Europe and are controlled in Germany by the BDIH. Non-natural materials were forbidden in the biocosmetics to a great extent. They dictate exactly which non-natural materials may be used to which extent. Transgenic plants or their products should not be used nor should products from animals.

Biosmetics offers a variety of advantages over conventional cosmetic products. Almost exclusively Ecological tests evaluated Biosmetics with a grade of good to very good. Traditional products, however, did much worse on tests. Even products from renowned manufacturers of non-organic cosmetics did not fare as well.

Why is this so? The guidelines for organic cosmetics were set in 2009 in Europe and controlled in Germany by the Natural Cosmetic. To a large extent have not been banned substances in natural organic cosmetics. If you can not surrender it, is exactly specifies what these ingredients are used in what amounts.



Transgenic plants or their products can not be used as much as products of-living animals. Animal tests are not in production yet allowed in the development. Organic cosmetics are skin-friendly, free of irritants and can also be safely used by people with allergies. All commodities are traded on FAIR TRADE. With biocosmetics you not only have better skin, but you also help the environment and can feel good about that.

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